Unreleased Tracks

by The Reptilian

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These are the three songs we recorded with our second bass player, Brok "Poboy" Leshman, before we became a three piece. They were never officially released.


released June 1, 2009



all rights reserved
Track Name: Dave Matthews Band Live
It comes across as misinterpreted

And I wish I’d just stayed home

.. ..

Never mind

I’d bet these breaks, skips and pauses

Would seem just as common place two years ago and

It finds its way into everyday conversation

And I wish I’d just stayed home

.. ..

But home is where our problems take root

.. ..

Intend to look

Intend to change

Intend to touch

Intend to change

.. ..


These notions

Eased their way

Into my


.. ..

My intent changes
Track Name: James Franco: Stoner of the Year
Relying on

All that you thought

When you were young

Discussions were simpler

Your back was set straight

.. ..

Warm arms and legs grow cold

Come up with something else to say

.. ..

You come across a photograph that looks a lot like you

Your voice is weak

Your hands are numb

Your legs begin to give

And in all of this you remember how it used to be

And in all of this I swear to god I think I used to fit
Track Name: Manaburn
i move my hands through the leaves
im alongside my dog
i find comfort in this place
i find comfort in this

the closer i come to my senses
the more that i feel tied to what i've left behind

milky white eyes