Low Health

by The Reptilian

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Released in June 2013 on Count Your Lucky Stars Records. Recorded and mixed by Joel Otte at Studiotte in Grand Rapids,MI in December 2012. Mastered by Carl Saff.


released June 26, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: PAN (sucks)
It's winter again in Michigan.
Your company gives us warmth.
Grey birds and silhouettes.
My friend paints a picture I won't soon forget.
And I know I couldn't give you advice to save my soul,
but I'll stay here with you until you're well or we're both old.
My friends make me feel at home in my own town.
Me casa es su casa.
Track Name: University of the Indian in the Cupboard
Getting shit down has never been this fun.
I'm so glad that all eight of us fit inside this van.
Brothers who found their way to each other with music.
And it only took years and years
And I know what you mean, so please you don't have to explain yourself,
we've got these songs to do just that.
Close the gap, bring warmth to a frozen state.
Why can't you live down the street from me?
Hey man that really sucks, but it's the exact opposite.
Suck me up.
Track Name: Chimney Wizard
Remember when I finally crossed that growing gap?
A distance that I thought would never stop.
And you helped me stick my landing.
Oh, the balance another open mind brings.
Projection. Reflection.
Rip off your sleeves. This is the worst movie I've ever seen.
Mistakes on our arms and dirty rap songs is how I relate to you.
Open your mind and I'll open mine.
Remember when it's months later and this shit just goes by a different name?
Track Name: Sam Haircut
Tattoos in my room,
Haikus read by you,
Are some of the best parts.
Bend like a reed in the wind.
Be the slow blade.
Wear out those drawings on the plans of your feet.
Better to recount than regret.
When we leave we'll keep your company.
Coast to coast is what I remember most.
Clean yourself off and sink in the ocean.
What a great way to take a vacation.
Track Name: Thousand Year Lease
I know I can't explain it, but there's something
in between us and I know that you understand.
It's not in these songs and it's not in this town,
although I love them dearly, it's the people that I've found.
These relationships, no matter how big or small, without them
this shit wouldn't even happen at all.
It's no wonder we feel whole again.
Friends sing with us as seasons end.
Track Name: Keif Puck
I'll bet you'll sink into that couch.
But I could say the same thing about myself.
I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.
Treat us with stories of when you were out of your mind.
Treat us with stories about anything I don't mind.
Treat us with stories like I'd treat friends of mine.
And I know that your brother is famous but he plays it cool regardless.
I know your landlord will hate this song.
So long.
You're back so soon but it still reminds me we are only here for so long.
Track Name: The Paseo
And if I'm lucky I'll go out smiling.
I'll just drop dead with my friends beside me singing,
"who thought life could be this exciting?"
You ain't the one living out your dreams.
It's the other way around.
Constantly fucked but always pushing forward.
I'll always have your back, we'll live like this forever.
Let's not talk no more.
Track Name: DK Mode
Look out, that kid's on acid that we got in New Jersey.
It's just one of a thousand stories.
As he ran down those dunes, I thought to myself, when this ends it'll be too soon.
Sharpen. Balance. Reflect. Wait.
Write a bunch of songs all about my friends and learn a few things about myself.
Sit so low in the shade. Stand so tall in the sun.
And if I choose this body to climb will I make any difference at all?
I won't just sit and watch the garment weave.
I've always depended on the kindness of strangers.
Many of them have become friends I hold closest.
Track Name: Cooler by the Lake
Eighteen years it took to get along.
Why did it take so long?
Wade in deep. Your hand in mine.
Past the smoke. Don't break your stride.
These problems can be as faded as we're about to get.
Breathe. Move with the wind. This is where I've been.
Light your torch and press on. Past, present, and unknown.
Jerks or not, we're always family.
I'm so proud that I could inspire anything in you at all.
After all, what's between us is thicker than blood.
Track Name: Underwater Kiss Make-up
It's nice to know those songs we wrote aren't true about this anymore.
Everything that tore us apart is buried in the ground.
There is a balance and I'll help you find it.
After our time spent in the worst places
We've moved on.
It's so good to see you've stayed strong.
And what of the holes we've dug ourselves out of?
We've found some solid earth we can grow in.
Try not to spook me. You still wear those haunted t-shirts.
Between the gold and green there's colors that only we've seen
Remember when we were all brothers. Let's fight to get there again.
Dead ends and dirt roads behind us.
I could have been a better friend.