Full Health

by The Reptilian

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released October 1, 2010

Recorded with Chris French in April 2010 and mastered by Carl Saff.
Released by Count Your Lucky Stars Records in Oct. 2010.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Pretty Big Doses
Those long loud nights spent underground. Watching and singing in the crowd. This may lead to broken bones./Half of you went crawling home with your tails between your legs./Structures. Fractures./Make your way right up to your room and take yourself right out of our lives. Oh god, what a good way to make some life long friends./I won't forget my time spent in this place. These memories make for great stories./Embrace your surroundings.
Track Name: Dungeons and Dragqueens
Face it, your memory's been erased by gift registry and table arrangements./ Move along as we move forward. I've lost another good friend./ Face it, she's faceless. Her ink stains erased us./I wish this winter would end. The air has left me frigid and doubtful./ It's not a means to an end./ Now I wear the things I learned on my sleeves. With my sights set straight as we take next steps./ It's not a means to an end. You're half-hearted lack luster. You can't find your own way. Release my friend./You've failed him./Beaten him in./You failed him./Release my friend./You failure./You are decay.
Track Name: Bulls On Patron
Lets start the new year right. My clothes are layered thick and they won't leave my back for the next two weeks. But there's one thing that doesn't sit quite right and it lingers like an awkward silence./Listen to your friends. Tell them what you think you oughta know. And if they're your friends, they'll tell you what they've been told./Days have been passing, he doesn't acknowledge. And in his final moments he knows that they follow him home./Bad moons and dirt roads wont get us very far. Does this not feel right? Tensions will rise. Friendships will end. New ones begin. Lets start over.
Track Name: Peyote Ugly
Footsteps made heavy trace our way./I don't know where I'd rather be than sitting on this porch with you until the summer goes away.
Track Name: Roman Sideburns
Hey feline, watch me do cartwheels through your front lawn. Spend my time in dirt and trees. It clears my mind, helps my breathe. Hey feline, check this out./My shoulder cracks as I wear down this wheel. There is a line for some gratuity. I feel so unaccomplished. I've got what you want so pick up your goddamn phone. There is no way I'm coming back here in this fucking cold./I don't want to waste my time in this whole with you./This youth can last.
Track Name: 200% Sweater
I can't believe I've found my calling. Face up to the sun with my arms stretched through the roof. I can't believe that I've found my calling./Throw your habits in the fire. Days are dead long. I tend to break my own rules from time to time. Put it out./Face down in the sand, I've made a real impact on this town. I've found my calling. All it is is just call and response. Just call and response./My good friends are outside, don't mind them. Try not to wake the neighbors. My parents are gone all weekend. Don't worry about the mess here. We'll clean up when you come back over.
Track Name: Aerosmith Kids
No I didn't study but still I had to take the test. Things aren't looking up for me academically. Barricaded in my room hoping that no smoke would go through. Day dream about things I wish I could do. Don't bother me before noon./More of these heavy rock riffs wear out the speakers at my place of employment. I'd rather enjoy my friends riffs in my car where I can get some enjoyment out of my best friend's gifts./Now I'm living for my self. Varsity blues can't bring me down and stop me in my tracks. Don't bring me down./My best friends write the best riffs./ Don't bring me down. We'll stay to the end.