Track Name: I'll Ram My Ovopositor Down Your Throat and Lay Eggs in Your Chest But, I'm Not an Alien
While you dance around

You kick up a cloud

You complain about how you can’t see

And know that it’s all your fault

Well you place the blame

Simply placing the blame

On everyone except for yourself

And it’s yourself

.. ..

All of this time spent idly by

Spent simply coming up with ways

Of wasting our time

Simply wasting our time
Track Name: So... What Are My Torso Options?
Cut from the same shape

And set into the same place

You’re content with it being simply measured in quantity and pace

Our only hope at this point is that it could possibly be different someday

.. ..

Cuz what it lacks in shape

I lack in simply being content

.. ..

Don’t panic push forward

This crowd’s in a hurry

Don’t panic push forward

You’re not the only one

.. ..

Look at my hair

Swept by the lake

Look at my skin give

Watching my flesh take

And what do you care

Because what does it take?

Look at my skin now

Still reflecting the lake
Track Name: I Can't Drink This, It's Warm!
Our figures

Bent by the light

And it figures that we’d feel this way, right?

Our voices

Like stories retold

Well, they’re nice at first and then they’re sad and they’re old

Our shapes

Well, so clear in the dark

Help them or they’ll take it too far

.. ..

Bent over

Eyes to the side

Simply guessing at the shapes on the wall

.. ..

It’s rough and it’s rushed and it comes out

It’s in the angles in the shapes in between us

If it’s first then it’s twice then it happens that’s it been happening ever since then

Come on out and admit it

It’s in the angles in the shapes in your faces

Come on out and admit it

It’s all these things at once and

.. ..

Oh my god my hands face down I feel my palms press on the ground

Oh this view looks so familiar

.. ..

We’re all telling tales taller than we are

We are all so sure we’re the only ones around